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La gurú

The recent suicide of a young girl will call into question the good will of The guru, the new internet sensation. Diana, her best friend, will be the one to investigate the tragic incident.

The guru is presented as a short film in three parts, and/or a mini-series of three chapters. It can be understood as a criticism of the slumbering minds of today's youth to act quickly without thinking. Focused on emerging Internet idols.

It premiered on October 8 at Fnac Triangle (Barcelona, Spain).
The first part in their first 7 days the more than 1,500 views.

Fotograma de La gurú con TheVicVlogs y FocusingsFotograma de La gurú con Sara García
Fotograma 2 de La gurú con Sara GarcíaFotograma 3 de La gurú con Sara García
Fotograma SraRocknRoll en La gurúFotograma de La gurú con GemmaTheFucker
Fotograma LaOtraLeverne en La gurúRenderiza2 en La gurú Fotograma Paula Guinot en La gurúGominuke en La gurú Fotograma El Chico Morera en La gurúFotograma de La gurú Fotograma Andrea e Irene en La gurúLaia y Sra.RocknRoll en La gurú

The casting of The Guru has the participation of actress Sara García (Corpus earthling) and some of the most popular vloggers of Spain (in the thousands followers in social networks) as SraRocknroll, GemmaTheFucker, Focusings, TheVicVlogs, Gominuke, Renderiza2, El Chico Morera, Paula Guinot, La Otra Leverne occupying the limelight of great importance, as well as small cameos.

casting de La gurú Sra.RocknRoll Gemma The Fucker Focusings TheVicVlogs Gominuke Renderiza2 El chico Morera Paula Guinot

Behind the camera is Bouman who is responsible of the direction and the script and the production. His previous short film is Mental Suburb (2011).

Poster illustration is the work of Maria Herreros.
Subtitle Translation by Raúl Calvo, Edu Iglesias and A&T Lingua
Special Thank you
I want to give many thanks to The Vic Vlogs, Agustin Vazquez, Ana Gonzalez, Hugo Camacho, Miguel Martínez, Carlos Vasqyez, Paco Lambea, Héctor Sobrevilla, Ana Martínez, Sara García, Patricia Muñiz, Jose Fernandez-Gomez, Adriá, Maribel Carod, Zaneta Malinowska, Cristian Alarcón, Ibie, Ana Elena Pena, Josep Lapidario, Meritxell Naranjo, Jose Manuel Vargas, Maribel Ruiz, Aitana Álvarez, Hellside, Natacha Bustos, Luah Puah, Núria Flò y Jaume Fibla. .

Their valuable contributions make them more easy to make La gurú.

If you wish to contact for questions on La gurú, Bouman Studios, crowdfunding, interviews etc. You can write to and we will reply as soon as possible.

In the following link you can download high resolution La gurú that you can use to illustrate your articles: descargar